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    Certified QuickBooks Experts & Consultants

    TaxADVANTAGE provides outsourced accounting and CFO support exclusively to early-staged businesses, and we're doing it in a way that breaks the paradigms of traditional accountancy. We believe our unique take on outsourced accounting will change the way growth companies work with their financial service providers.


    Many accounting functions are the same in every company. With the internet, you now have the ability to improve work flow process efficiency and effectively outsource accounting, payroll & bookkeeping functions to professionals who are properly staffed, trained and skilled to manage financial compliance.

    Work smarter, go online & save time.

    Stress Free Cloud-Based Business Solutions

    At TaxADVANTAGE, we believe successful businesses are built and maintained by focusing on activities that generate revenue. In addition to providing our partners with full-service outsourced virtual accounting, our mission is to empower our partners to realize their vision through the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. We help you handle everything from daily bookkeeping tasks and payroll to weekly, monthly and annual financial reporting, allowing you to focus on your business. ​ 


    Our online accounting service is based on accounting best practices, designed to boost your bottom line. TaxADVANTAGE provides a seamless virtual accounting experience that takes the stress off you while delivering the high-level financial data you need to run your business.


    TaxADVANTAGE provides outsourced virtual accounting services for small and mid-sized fast-growing businesses, and non profit entities, as well. Our services include everything from basic bookkeeping to financial modeling, financial analysis, payroll, and tax planning/preparation to help owners and executives make smarter business decisions. We believe our unique take on outsourced accounting will change the way growth companies work with their financial service providers. Our company philosophy is driven by success, the clients we work with and their unique business needs.


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    Integrity, high standards for quality and accuracy are at the core of all business solutions offered.

  • Reliable Services

    We've all heard the phrase..."Use your time wisely."

    Consider the ways we could assist you in doing just that?

    Today, business is more competitive than ever.

    Companies must find better ways to manage overhead and compliance.

    Why not get ahead of your competition and let TaxADVANTAGE support you?





    Bookkeeping Solutions

    Save time and money by allowing us to handle all of your bookkeeping functions remotely. SIMPLIFY YOUR BOOKS!

    • Accounts receivables
    • Accounts payable
    • Make journal entries
    • Reconcile bank statements and credit cards
    • Generate financial statements
    • Prepare year-end statements

    Value Added Benefit


    What you really want to know is, What's the VALUE of virtual accounting services? Because every client's requirements and priorities are different, we prepare a tailor-made proposal for your consideration. Our rates are based on the skill-sets and estimated time required to perform the functions that you deem most beneficial.


    Our monthly fixed-rates are competitive and reasonable!





    Virtual accounting makes sense...

    1. Replace unreliable part-time help with dependable online staff
    2. Supplement and support your staff with experienced talent
    3. Improve the accuracy and timeliness of your reports
    4. Address your tax and compliance requirements
    5. Let us help with your financial planning and budgeting
    6. Bounce an idea off of us for an independent viewpoint
    7. Improve your systems and procedures; find out what others do
    8. Complete payroll services
    9. Reduce your need for office space, equipment and supplies
    10. Spend your time making money and leave the accounting to us

    Helping you manage better!


    Full-Service Payroll



    Payroll is often a big part of bookkeeping for many businesses. We will perform your payroll functions and duties for you so that you can concentrate on running your business.



    • Weekly / biweekly payroll processing
    • Employee online access to pay statements
    • Process payments for contractors
    • Print checks or process direct deposit
    • Print payroll register and other reports
    • Tax filings & payments (941/944/940)
    • Year-end W2’s & 1099's

    Accurate Payroll

    Now you can trust your payroll is in good hands. There’s nothing better than personal attention from a trusted adviser who knows your business.


    Accurate Paydays
    • Guaranteed accurate federal, state and local tax calculations • Direct deposit • Professional paychecks and pay stubs • Secure online employee access to pay stubs • Payments to independent contractors • Wage garnishments • Vacation and sick pay tracking • Pay types: salary, hourly wages, multiple pay rates, bonuses, cash tips, paycheck tips, expense reimbursements, allowances, holiday, and more • Voluntary deductions: taxable and pre-tax premiums for medical, dental, and vision; retirement plans; flexible spending accounts: dependent and medical care; cash advance and loan repayments; and others

    Federal Tax Deposits and Filings
    • Quarterly and year-end filings • W-2’s • W-4’s, I-9’s and employer registration forms

    State Tax Deposits and Filings
    • Quarterly and year-end filings • Multi-state tax payments and filings • New hire reporting • Employer registration forms


    Detailed, Insightful Reports
    • Employer reports: Tax Liability, Tax and Wage Summary, Total Pay, Tax Payments, Workers’ Compensation, Vacation and Sick Leave, Billing Summary, Total Cost, Retirement Plans • Employee reports: Payroll Summary, Payroll Details, Deductions, Last Paycheck, Employee Details


    Tax Preparation


    With fees significantly lower than most tax preparation firms, we will expertly prepare your individual or small business tax return-no matter how complex. Plus, your tax return is backed by our Triple Guarantee of Accuracy, Satisfaction and Year-Round Assistance or you pay nothing! Contact us today for a no obligation price estimate.


    Electronic Filing (e-filing) is free for all TaxADVANTAGE tax preparation clients. Refund products are also available for an additional charge.



    Call us today to schedule a consultation.

    Top Quality Tax Preparation You Can Trust​


    TaxAdvantage is devoted to your needs. Denver-based, we’ve served individuals and businesses in the Metro area since 2009. You have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best attention and service possible. TaxADVANTAGE professionals are dedicated to the needs of our tax clients. Our specialists are genuinely interested in having you pay the least legitimate amount of tax or getting the biggest possible refund!


    --TaxADVANTAGE's Triple Guarantee--


    · Assistance: We are available all year-round to answer any tax questions you may have. Should your return be audited, we will help you prepare for the audit and serve as your advisor (not your legal representative) throughout the audit process. (If you should require or request that we represent you, we will be glad to do so for an additional charge.)


    · Accuracy: Thorough employee training and double-checking of every return safeguards the accuracy of your return. However, if we make an error we will correct our error and reimburse you for any penalties and actual interest damages you incur. You will still be responsible for any additional taxes that would have been due had the error not been made.


    · Satisfaction: If you are not pleased with the service you receive in the preparation of your tax return(s) and you choose to neither file them nor allow us to redo them, we will refund your fee in full.


    Our Mission is to provide you with affordable and exceptional financial services and products designed around your personal needs.

    QuickBooks Online Training/Support

    Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, need QuickBooks help, or want little to do with any of it, we are here to help. Not sure which QuickBooks product is right for your company? Contact us and together we will find the solution.

    • QuickBooks consulting
    • QuickBooks company file setup
    • QuickBooks payroll
    • QuickBooks troubleshooting
    • QuickBooks data entry, bank & credit card reconciliation
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